After months of testing and redesigning Nike presented, last Tuesday, the brand new Metcon 5 to the world. We asked the designers a few questions to understand the improvements better and to define what makes the 5 better tan the 4.

Here is what we got.

NEW PATTERN: more resistant and more breathable.

The new chain-link pattern creates a unified protective mesh with greater density in the most abused areas without sacrificing breathability.

NEW TONGUE: lightly cushioned.

Now we can tie the laces as strong as we want without nailing the knot on the instep.

NEW ROPE WRAP: bigger and better.

The completely redesigned bi-directional pattern on the rope-catch gives the new Nike Metcon 5 a better grip during rope climbs and an easier slide during descents. In addition, the peak is higher, so there is a bigger grip surface that will make the Metcon 5 last longer.

NEW SOLE: double functionality.

  1. Dual-density mid-sole: You have to try them to feel this. The new mid-sole is softer and more flexible in the forefoot, providing better feel and comfort during the most dynamic workouts. You will feel the change immediately during double unders. 
  2. Dual-texture out-sole: the new metcon 5 is designed with two different rubbers on the out-sole. A sticky rubber in the forefoot and a more durable rubber in the heel. Both are more durable than its predecessors but the first one will provide better traction while pushing.

THE HEEL: even more stable.

  1. New Shape: when it comes to getting under a heavy bar any help is truly welcomed. The new Metcon 5 comes with a new heel shape to that improves stability by making the sole wider, without making the shoe look more bulky.
  2. Higher stability: the new Nike Hyperlift insert will give your metcons a higher drop anytime you need it.  An extra 8 mm for men and 6 mm for women that will make your intra-wod “ass to the grass” weightlifting moments easier.

The new Metcon 5 drops July 8th, 2019 at 9am (CEST). You will not become Mat Fraser, but he uses them and it seems to work for him. 

Photos by Nike.

Cover by Fittest Freakest.