There are endless messages about women empowerment, female choice and sorority, however, under the acclaimed flag of equality, we use to forget that, surprise!, men and women are NOT the same.

We are not talking about the indisputable need of equality in salaries, rights or opportunities, we are talking about the overwhelming differentiation established by hormones, pelvic soils and menstruations; key points in the daily physical functioning of a woman. Why we use to don’t take them into consideration in the sports practice? Is not the time to finally start to talk about them? Last Freaky Friday was about Strongwomen, about how to be a woman, train and optimize performance (without dying of frustration in the attempt). For this purpose, some experts, coaches and athletes (all women) came to Fittest Freakest to share their knowledge and, with the personal experiences of the 25 attending girls, helped us to break taboos, answer doubts and learn about the specific challenges of women in sports. Here it is the recap of this vibrating event which culminated with lots of potos, natural juices KM0 by BéBo and a big wave of feminine energy! Thanks to all the girls that made it happen.

1) Sports and menstrual cycle: which is the optimal training in each phase? 

Talk by Mercé Roca, Psychoneuroimmunologist at Novamedicum and member of Xavi Verdaguer’s team. 

2) The power of Hypopressives. Session by Lorena Lozano, Yoga Instructor at Area Crossfit specialized  in Low Pressure and Hypopressive.

3) Round table. Women and training. 

Presented by Gillian Bennet. Guests:

Anna Pérez, aka @annita.smiles · Nike Sports Talent & Yoga Instructor.

Anuska Peguero, aka @princeless.movement · CF Head Coach at Crossfit Les Corts. Co-founder Princeless Movement.

Astrid Galimany, aka @astrid_galimany · CF Head Coach at Crossfit Sant Martí.

Beatriz Allo, aka @baby__beast · CF Athlete & Coach at Crossfit Torredembarra.

Maribel Gallardo, aka @maribelgare · CF Athlete & Coach at Condal Crossfit. Champion at the Mediterranean Games 2018.